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Effective Business Consultants must possess extensive experience
A good Business Consultant is experienced in a lot of different types of businesses and industries, running companies, in the financing of a company and most importantly, in the marketing and sales of a company. Experienced Consultants have experience with companies in all stages of Growth: Existence, Survival, Success, Take-off, and Maturity. The effective business consultant may also have a specialty as a Business Turnaround Consultant, helping struggling companies to turnaround and succeed again. The Business Consultant must have solid real world experience with many types of companies in order to be an effective consultant. The background and business experience of a Business Consultant makes the consultant valuable. 

An Expert Business Consultant gets specialized and understands your business
Primarily, a Business Consultant must get familiarized with you and your labor force in order to understand your business. As the business owner, you know more about your business than anyone else. For this reason, a good business consultant will take the time to learn from you, your personnel-staff, and key employees to start supporting, assisting, and helping you.
A Business Consultant, closely works with small business owners on such issues as understanding what changes are needed, how to implement and manage these changes, and how to create a roadmap for sustaining improvements that lead to better performance and elaborating growth plans, staffing, and the recruitment of both, full-time and part-time employees, writing of proposals and other initiatives, implementing policies to enhance the business visibility, and designing and implementing outreach activities, research and development.

For small business planning, our Business Consultants provide the application of various models that help to identify the components for success and the capabilities of an organization in its strategic management planning, information gathering-which identifies key market, industry and internal organizational trends, and opportunities that will impact the organization. In where the term “market” in the business sector context refers to all relevant issues to customers and/or stakeholders. The organization’s ability to respond to these critical strategic issues and challenges is manifested in their vision and the mission statements: describing what they do, with/for whom they do it, their distinctive competence, and why they do it. The strategic goals and specific strategies for achieving these goals should be formulated in an operational plan that will also address the necessary changes of organizational issues such as finances, governance, and administrative capacity.
In corporation formation, De La Parra Consulting Group has provided support for corporations to incorporate their organizations, to get their permits and certificates, with their Bylaws, and to develop their basic strategic plans, consisting of statements relative to the system’s Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives, and/or new strategic initiatives and/or new proposals.   

The Cycle of Strategic Business Consulting Process Approach Step by Step

  1. Get Familiar and Learn about the Business
  2. Identify Issues, Problems, Solutions and New Opportunities
  3. Survey the Environment for Potential Customers, Products, and Services
  4. Perform a WOTS-UP Analysis” and Review of Internal and External Key Players  
  5. Market Assessment and Provide Solutions through a Concrete Plan
  6. To pay Attention to “the feedback-loop” for Better and Greater-end Results
  7. Implementation of Strategic Planning and Periodic Reviews

A Business Consultant Listens and Interacts with YOU and YOUR Business Organization
A Business Consultant utilizes many different outlooks to develop a Business Plan that will be effective for your business organization. The Consultant gets the opinions of the Company’s Professionals (Senior-management, accountants, lawyers, bankers, and other advisers). Business Consultants relate carefully to the mission and vision of the Company’s Ownership, Founders, Board, Top Management, and Key Employees. 

Business Consultants Help Organizations to Renovate
Our Business Consultants can help your business or organization to restructure. A business consultant can help business-producers-entrepreneurs start and develop new ventures or projects. A business consultant can also help to turn-around a company filled with problems and identify new opportunities to exploit.

Corporation Formation and Business Startups
When an Entrepreneur is thinking about starting up a new business, a Business Consultant can assist by setting up a marketing assessment plan utilizing the best methods for getting customers into your business door quickly.
Establish a strategic plan to help your business take-off and reach all of your business goals and the ultimate vision for your business.
Establish a plan of action with assignments to help you fulfill your business aspirations.

Strategic Direction
The aim is to articulate the organization’s strategic intentions to create a better future
An explicit understanding of the organization’s mission and organizational values among staff, board, and internal and external forces
A blueprint for action based on current information
Broad milestones with which to monitor achievements and access results
A Business Consultant should meet with you and your business personnel-staff and employees for complete support and training to guarantee you the results for you and your business needs
Review your progress and help you improve on all your efforts
Identify expansion opportunities for your existing products and services
Help you and your business to make your services more attractive by creating specific tools and personalized training procedures that are best utilized in the business markets